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Medical Center “Medicheck”


Welcome to the newly opened MEDICAL CENTER "MEDICHECK". It is located near The Mall (Carigradsko shose) in the building of the Bulgarian Construction Chaimber (Mihail Tenev str. №6 B). Luxurious and modern, affiliate The Mall, is always ready to help you - in working days from 08:00 to 18:00. Here at Medicheck we care about friends, this is why our objective is to help our customers to be healthy. You can make your appointment online, even now.


Medical Center “Medicheck” Ltd. was found in 2005 in Sofia, Beli Brezi, Nishava №62-70, which continues today. A team of qualified specialists provide specialized outpatient care, which includes: health prevention, prophilactic, monitoring the health of patients, diagnostic, clinical laboratory instrumentation and clinical research, treatment and activities to the extend necessary for health process.

In 2007, it expands the scope of services offered by established mobile teams of medical specialists, equipped with necessary medical equipment to perform preventive medical examinations throughout the country. Based on established practice and experience gained over the years and to increase the level and quality of service, medical center “Medicheck”Ltd. opened its subsidiary in Business Park- Sofia- Building 8- A on the territory of Mladost- 4.

Not a small number of patients are seeking the services of Medical Center “Medicheck”Ltd. as emergency or as an alternative to the cumbersome organization of public health care system in Bulgaria.

Health malaise and severe ongoing disease most often finds people at work, away from their personal physicians. Whether they have a card for voluntary health insurance or they are private patients, seeking outpatient medical care in “Medicheck” receive specialized services from cardiologists, gynecologists, neurologists, and ophthalmologists otorinolaringolozi, endocrinologists, nephrologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, specialists in skin-diseases, STD, etc.

Since 2009 Medical Center “Medicheck”Ltd. enjoys a succesful partnership with HIC "BULGARIA HEALTH" - the biggest company for voluntary health insurance. Numerous clients of the company receive at the Medical Centre "MEDICHECK Ltd" Nishava in Business Park Sofia daily specialized outpatient care and prevention of health by conducting periodic check-ups.