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­Prevention of health- package of medical services

PACKAGE "health check to assess the impact of risk factors for workplace on the heal­th and safety of workers”.
Examination by therapist intern with the study of blood pressure and ECG; Examination from the eye specialist in research on visual acuity and color vision;
Examination by ENT specialist to study the strength and sharpness of hearing; Examination by a neurologist -
Additional tests of the gynecologist, specialist imaging and others. according to the requirements of the Occupational Medicine or Company Voluntary health insurance.

Package serves all employers with health and safety commitments and contracts for voluntary health insurance.

PACKAGE "Prevention of health in women after 40":

Examination by a specialist obstetrician, including examination and 3D imaging with ultrasound;
Cytological and microbiological examination;
Consultation and examination by a specialist endocrinologist;
Hormonal - female sex hormones and thyroid hormones;
The package provides early detection of disease, monitoring and treatment.

PACKAGE "Prevention of health in men over 40":

Examination by a specialist urologist and image diagnostics;
Research prostato-specific antigen / PSA / or testosterone;
Consultations on the state of the prostate and sexual activity.

PACKAGE "monitoring of pregnancies":

Examinations, consultations and research specialist obstetricians and imaging using modern 3D ultrasound throughout the pregnancy.
Tips, talk, family consultations for the upcoming birth.

PACKAGE "Clinical laboratory":

Checking blood zahanen profile - early detection of diabetes;
Check lipid profile / cholesterol and triglycerides / - conduction studies of the blood vessels;
Checking the status of liver enzymes.